What would this World be Without Cooking!

October 29, 2016
in About Cuisine

Love your Individuality! Love your Body! Love the Map with its Continents, Oceans & Rivers that your Anatomy is Composed of! Because that is what will Follow you Everyday in Every way until the Day you Fade Away. If you take Care of your Micro – Cosmos then it will Reward you back by being Healthy, Beautiful, Radiant & Self – Conscious. It will make your Inner World go Round! Be the Chef of your Metabolism & Follow with Accuracy the Recipe to Health!

For a Balanced Diet, you need to Respect your Immune System and not Flush In any Garbage that the Marketing World Brain Washes you to do. You need to be Calm and not Eat at the Speed with which you Change Pages on your Mobile Phone. You need Water. You Definitely need a Challenge known as “Trust your Creativity” as your Guiding Book. But above all, You need a very Important Spice called L O V E! When you Create in Calmness and Care for the Engine that Generates your Heart to Beat, then you will Learn to Listen with Love what this Exquisite Machine Desires in Order to Function with Perfection.

Food is Delicious when it is Picked up directly from Nature or bought in its Raw Material Aspect and Cooked Home with Herbs and Aromatics (not ready made sauces or pre – cooked packages that only Poison every Cell in your Veins).
Cooking is the First Step to Creativity. Creativity Keeps the Soul Alive! Be the Chef that your Body wants you to Be! And let your Imagination Flower. There is no Wrong or Right, the more you Try, the Better you will Become. It is like a Child, the more it Grows, the more it Practices to Learn. And believe me, Cooking as such, is the Easiest Challenge in Life!

I Savour my food when I Prepare it in its Simple form because I Enjoy Tasting each Aliment Separately! Thus, I want my Steak or Burger on the Grill with Vegetables or Salad, Topped with a bit of Olive Oil, Oregano, Thyme and Thick Salt. I want to be able to Feel the Tannin of the Meat and to Discern the Aromas of Oregano & Thyme Blending their Scent into the Stringiness of the Beef. I want to Distinguish the Raw Freshly poured Olive Oil’s Smoothness and allow it to Marry with the Consistency of the Dish. Finally, I Love Welcoming the Salt that has this Chemical Attribute to bring Saliva in the Palate and which in return, Indulges all the Ingredients to Mingle and Set an Equilibrium between “Tannin / Greasiness (from Oil) / Spiciness “.

I absolutely Adore my Pasta with Olive Oil, Pepper, Fresh Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Raw Mushrooms & Grated Cheese because I want to Sense the Wheat that produces the Spaghetti together with the Freshness of the Basil to compliment Each Other with all the rest and give to the whole Experience a “Bouquet de Jardin”!

As for Fish: on the Grill! How else could one Enjoy the Distinctive Taste of the Mediterranean Sea! Lentils & Black Eye Peas just boiled with Freshly cut Onions & Mint, Carrots, Diced Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Olives & a Squeezed Lemon with a bit of Feta Cheese on the side! Greek Yogurt is Delicious on its Own but also with Cinnamon, Wall-nuts, Almonds & Honey (a very Healthy Desert or Snack)! And many more Dishes… The truth is, Greece has an Ecellent Productive Land. All of our Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits are Aromatic, Juicy & Incredibly Tasty. They Fill your Mouth with a Fragrance that Travels you in a World that will Revive your Senses.

But my Point is: Take the Time to Stop your Haste and Relish whatever you Eat in its Original Form. Learn to “Fancy” Ingredients in their Simplicity…
It will Glow in your Skin, it will Show on your Body, it will Help your Metabolism Understand what it can Digest or not, it will MAKE YOU a Person that will Master your Health and not be Consumed – Confused – Frustrated on what the Media Inflicts you to Feed Yourself With.

And I ask… When, for Instance, you Admire a Magnificent Sunset, do you Need to wear Prada or Louis Vuitton to Enjoy it, or the latest Mobile Model in your Hands to Photograph it & Loose the Moment? Or do you Simply Need your Eyes and Awareness to Breath it In! When you Smell a Rose, does it really Matter if when Holding it, your Hand has a Diamond Ring on it? Or a Rolex? Will it make it Smell Differently? Better? Think About It… When you Walk on the Beach, what do you Enjoy Best? Wearing Nike / Adidas (Any Brand) or Strolling Bare Foot to Feel the Anatomy of your Feet through the Warmth & Softness of the Pure Golden Sand?

Each Additional “APPLICATION” that Society adds into your Integrity is to Tear you Apart from your Core Values & become an Application Victim YOURSELF for the System. I am not saying that you should not Try a new Trend. I Myself can become a Shopping Addict sometimes! I Myself Enjoy 2 or 3 times a month to go to a restaurant and Take Pleasure in Eating a more Complex Dish to Satisfy my Desire for something Peculiar & Different!

But what I am simply Suggesting is to Keep a Balance. To Remember that you are Human above anything Else… And just like 3 Ingredients are Enough to make a Pasta Tasty in your Daily Life, so are Basic Enough Nature’s Elements to Nourish your Body and Feel Good with Yourself. Do not be Greedy. Life is not Appetizing in Such Ways. Do not Be Hungry & Avid for more, you will only Manage to Rape – Violate – Abuse your Soul with such Attitude. Eat Light! Cherish each Wonder that Nature Provides you with! Consume with Clarity & Self Awareness! Love the Creation You Are & Lead a Life with the Passion to be Vibrant & Alive!

At the End of the Day, the Challenge is NOT about how Good of a Cook you may be, but how Important is the Respect you Give to your Micro – Cosmos! How Strong are you to Resist the Daily Injections you get from Society & the Marketing so Brilliantly done on Food, Convincing you to Eat with no Constrain?

A Chef Weights with Precision all his Ingredients to Create a Balanced Dish. He will Experiment over & over again, but he will not Stop Trying until he reaches Perfection with Patience in Silence. Learn to Listen to your Inner Silence with Patience… In Time, it will Whisper to you Eventually the Secret to Youth & Vitality!!

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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