Walking on Sunshine

March 15, 2017
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Barefoot! Is my favourite pair of Shoes!

It is a “brand” that is unique to each one of us. It is the only foot-gear that connects us with Mother Earth and consequently with our Being. Have you ever walked on Grass or Sand or Wood or on a Wet Surface or even on a Carpet or stood on a Rock with your Skin under your feet Exposed?

Have you noticed how your body relaxes as soon as your little toes breath out from closed shoes? How wonderful it feels to pull off those high heels… or heavy boots!

Run Bare! It is the Natural Stride of the Body! It reawakens all of our muscles and balances our Nervous System as it stimulates Reflexology points which ameliorates our Blood Circulation. Your body eventually gains a better posture, much more mobility and a natural vitality.

Barefoot: to me it conveys a sense of Expansion and Healing! It creates a physical and emotional rhythm that connects me with my Heart and it Liberates my Mind. Today, after a very vibrant working shift, I popped home, took a shower while doing a thorough facial cleansing, put on my “Environ” Skin Care cream that has given to my skin its natural radiance, my “jane iredale” natural makeup, and decided to go to the beach to unwind. With me: my Louis Vuitton Bag, my Diary and my Good Luck Charm of course (A unique Present from my best friend Georgia)!

Walking without shoes takes me back to my Childhood when we lived in Africa: Ghana with my parents, where all day we ran shoe-less when playing! Where it didn’t really matter what we wore as long as we climbed on those trees and no mobile phone restrained us from having a good grip at those branches!

Where we enjoyed smelling wild flowers and not just seeing their pictures in front of a computer!

Where we created toys out of nothing and laughed at our silliness for inventing telescopes with bamboo sticks and dresses from palm tree leaves! And not be given video games killing our innocence and imagination! Where we listened and looked to each other eyes to express our sorrow, happiness and love! And not through messages on a screen…

Of course, some of you will insist & tell me – “how about putting my comfortable running shoes and go in nature for a walk or a run instead of having my feet dirty!”

The answer to that is: walking with naked feet is about being in the moment rather than trying to achieve something (timing, burning calories, exercise, etc…). It is about throwing away whatever is blocking you from breathing and enjoying the Art of simply being YOU! In YOUR physique! Once you wear those pumps, you set your mind to reach a destination! A goal! You program your thoughts by unconsciously designing a box with a scheduled frame of priorities and penetrate in its matrix (which is our daily routine) hoping to tick away all of its obligations before the day ends.

Barefoot is about inhaling and connecting with the moment! Feeling yourself Grounding! Centering! Calming!

I, for instance, love sitting on my couch to massage my feet….

I would not be who I am if I did not have the luxury to walk in order to discover and create the Life I am leading! Think about it… Feet are Precious… Thus, allow them to explore their liberty when you find the opportunity to do so. Let this little, yet so simple comfort, become a basic enjoyment for your Body & Soul.

To be Passionate in Life is about first Listening, Respecting & Loving your Body. It is about understanding the Vital Values in our Life that truly make us Happy & setting aside the Material World for a few minutes everyday. It is little details that fill us with Vitality! So … Take off for a while those shoes at the office, at home, at the park, in the forest, on the beach (of course) and emancipate from obligations & angst that absorb your Oxygen just like that footwear constrains your feet.

Grant yourself a Passion which I call: Walking on Sunshine! Because… The Sun has NO boundaries to Expand its Light.

A very warm Thank You to my Beloved friend Georgia Stavropoulou for the Photo Shoot! You are simply amazing!

CHRYSALLIS – The Importing Company & Representative of Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP), jane iredale & Environ in Greece


Range I use: Skin Essentia A+

  • Dual Action Pre –Cleansing Oil (to clean face from makeup & moisturise it)
  • Mild Cleansing lotion (creamy cleanser that hydrates the skin & removes all residues left)
  • Magic Mitt Glove (the glove I use to remove the lotion & remains of makeup)
  • Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner
  • Antioxidant & Peptide Eye Gel (around & on to the eye cups)
    Vita – Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser Level 4 (day & evening facial cream)
  • Enhanced Oil in Vitamins A – C – E (only for evening use instead of the facial cream)


Compact which also has sun protection – PurePress Base Mineral Foundation / Blush – PurePress Blush / Mascara – longest lash thickening & lengthening

Vitamin supplements: or

I take: Skin Vit A+ / Skin Antioxidant / Skin Omegas+

If you decide to use Environ, ANP & jane iredale products – it is vital to be introduced to a professional representative who has been educated continuously all year around through specialize seminars to check your skin and advise you on what specific products to use on your skin. The representative in Nafplio where I currently live is: Artemis Elftheriadou.

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
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