Vivre… J’Adore..!

Everything in Life has a Beginning and an End.

There cannot be Sunrise without Sunset! There cannot be Blooming flowers if Winter did not End to allow Spring to Come In! A Smile is Worthless if Tears didn’t Embellish it once in a while! There cannot be Love without Hate or Joy without Sadness! There cannot be Birth without Death! You cannot Breath In if you do not Breath Out! Everything is needed in Balance… That is what makes the Cycle of Life worth Living for! To experience each moment and to learn how to keep the Equilibrium – “You Only Live Once” – Make it Worth while! Not for Others… But for YOU!

If this Woman is my End at the age of 95 in full health (God Bless Her – I ADORE my Grandmother) …

And if this is the Woman that Gave me Life (My Beautiful Mother)… Who happens to be the Owner of a Boutique Winery in Argos (Region Nemea – Peloponnese) – Called Papantonis Winery –

Then I am the Beginning of 2 Generations that have Raised me OVER a Century!

How Astonishing is that… to have the Wisdom of 100 years spoken Live into my Soul! So “VIVRE” is about the Journey! You know your Beginning and you definitely know your End! The Essence of Life lies in the ways we Choose to Experience our Existence! And it starts with 5 Basic Facts:

1. You are Unique for you have a Gift!

BE GENUINE! BE around people that see that Gift in you!

2. Belief in Thyself!

Self – Confidence! It’s in You! Bring it out! Let it Shine! Use people’s Advice either as a Hint to Ameliorate a part of your Journey or as an Energy to Rise Higher by Brushing off their Criticism! Don’t Settle because you are told it is Impossible – but Believe to Make it Possible! The Hardest Person to Convince that you can Make it is:
Your Own Self!

3. Fearless Creativity!

Let your Heart Brainstorm on the things that Give that Beat to it! It will Give you Power! It will make you Untouchable!

4. Respect & Kindness!

Treat Others the way You would want them to Treat You – Do not consume yourself with people that do not Give you Magic – Just let them pass their way

5. Love!

Love Yourself! And allow Others to Love You Back for whom you are! Love Life and let its Energy do its Wonders by returning its Love back to You in Rewarding Unique Ways! Be Grateful for what you are & Thankful for all the Things you can Become! Be One with You!

Allow yourself to do things that set you Free! Dancing! Drawing! Singing! Adventure! Sailing! Whatever it is that you are Hungry for! Creativity is the Basic Nutrient that keeps your Soul Alive!

Remember… On one hand, your body needs a Balanced Diet & Vitamins to keep its Vitality and Strength from the External Threats. I am, for instance, a very devoted client of Advance Nutrition Programme that has the best supplements for my needs: Skin Vit A+, Skin Antioxidant & Skin Omega+ are my Daily ones and their effect on my Skin and Immune System are Miraculous!

With that of course comes my favorite facial & body creams from Environ Skin Care that feed my Epidermis and my Beloved Natural makeup from Mrs Jane Iredale.

On the other hand, the Esprit needs to Liberate itself from the Routine! To stay at Ease in a Monotonous Lifestyle and not Trigger yourself to have Hobbies and Professional or Personal Goals… is the worse Threat to Self-Progress! And to a Lifeless Life! Do not be Afraid of the Risk you will take in Order to Overcome a Barrier because you might be Scared to Lose! Rather embrace it as a Challenge to become Stronger & go Up to the Next Step! You cannot be a Good Sailor if you do not Face the Deep Waters of an Ocean and the Temper of a Sea! You cannot Rise if you do not Fall. You cannot Win if you do not Fail – It’s part of the Game! And it’s the Only way to Success as long as you Learn from your Loss in order to Overcome the next Wave with Earned Experience – Better Judgement – Stronger Faith.

My Creativity, among many (Fitness, Swimming, Tennis, Piano, Horse Back Riding, Dancing, Reading, Travelling) was to write my Diary (which I still do)!

And to take Pictures by snapping at that particular moment.

Eventually it led me to create my Blog! I Adore it because I let it Grow with me (Like a Child! As one of my most beloved friends tells me)! I Learn from it and it Inspires me each day to take it a step further! And do you know why I consider it Unique? Because if it wasn’t for my Parents and my Friends Worldwide Giving me their Boost of Loving Energy to Believe in LBP…

Then I would not have made it…

With Passion to Create comes Inspiration for more…. So I thought… How could “Live by Passions – Vivre … J’Adore..!” be something more than a Blog? Of course my first Objective is to show to you all how an International Woman Lives in a Small Town in Greece called “Nafplio” which was Once Upon a Time the First Capital of Greece! And in this way, attract you to come and visit this Beautiful Historic part of the World through the Articles I Write & of course with the Pictures I take with my Galaxy S6 – The Eyes to my Blog – as I call it.

However, I want to take it even further. A segment of the market I have always been Passionate about is Fashion! There are 3 Principles that characterize Style to me:

1. Elegance & Finesse

2. Less is More – Simple Lines

3. Quality

Thus, I am starting with a very easy going Cotton Summer Style:

But this is just the Beginning…

Of a Very Long Fascinating Adventure…

Just like my Family’s Wine takes its time to Mature and Age through the Wisdom & Amour of its Owners, with Each Vintage Year giving a Slightly different Character to the New Comers & Maturity to the Elder Ones – I have the Same Passion to Experiment with my Logo & Patience to Evaluate all of its Possibilities…

Cheers to Life my Fabulous Grand – Mother!

A very warm thank you to my friends Artemis, George, Chris & Lia for helping me with the pictures and for their boost of Energy always there supporting me to keep on Creating!

All Pictures are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6

Nafplio Sites & Information

Pearl ear rings & necklace – Metallon Shop in Nafplio (48 Staikopoulou Str.)

Bag – Ti Kallisti Shop in Nafplio (4 Vassileos Konstantinou Str.) –

Manicure – ART & NAILS by Adamandia Fournarou –

Chrysallis – The Importing Company & Representative of Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP), jane iredale & Environ in Greece


My Personal Range:

Skin Essentia A+
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Mild Cleansing lotion (creamy “soap” cleanser that hydrates the skin & removes makeup)
Magic Mitt Glove (to remove the lotion & remains of makeup)
Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner (water lotion that removes all residues left)
Antioxidant & Peptide Eye Gel (around & on to the eyes)
Vita – Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser Level 4 (day & evening facial cream)
Enhanced Oil in Vitamins A – C – E (only for evening use instead of the facial cream)
RAD – SPF 15 Face & Body Sunscreen


Compact which also has sun protection – PurePress Base Mineral Foundation – Caramel / Blush – So Bronze 2 / Mascara – longest lash thickening & lengthening / Eye Shadow – Mermaid, Oyster, Shady Lady, Peach Sherbet, and Triple eye shadows Brown Sugar & Soft Kiss

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If you decide to use Environ, ANP & jane iredale products – it is vital to be introduced to a professional representative who has been educated continuously all year around through specialize seminars to check your skin and advise you on what specific products to use. The representative in Nafplio where I currently live is: Artemis Elftheriadou.

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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