Silent Wings

February 22, 2017
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Shshshsh…. Listen to the Sound of Silence….

Silence is the most soothing music. Silence is a magnificent Dialogue between your Mind & Consciousness if you allow yourself to take the Time & Listen to your Inner – Voice. When I say “to take the time” I mean to STOP from doing whatever you are busy with! Turn your phone to Silent Mode! When I say “listen to your inner voice” I mean: Listen to your Breath! To your Thoughts with the Sound of Nature or with Nothing at all! This means again: Shutting your phone or computer! Shutting Notifications that have become the most unworthy Pulse in your Veins!

Just STOP! Even for those 5 minutes…. Close your Eyes and Feel your Vibrations Slowing Down. Feel your Energy Warming you, Calming every part of your Body, Relaxing your Nervous System… Allow yourself to acknowledge this moment of Nothingness! Just Pause… From EVERYTHING!

Today is my day off. What an indulgence… to take my time to stretch in my bed and feel its cosiness… a Fabulous state of Well Being to turn around, pull those covers up to my head and stay for another 20 minutes relaxing. I got up slowly & did of course my Morning Environ Ritual. I have been using Environ facial creams since 2015 and each day I see my face in the mirror, I smile at its brightness and luminosity. I look fresh & beautifully Natural. It is amazing how these creams work on my Skin but also on my friends and colleagues that trusted my advice and have been using them as well. Apart from the facial creams, there is also another little catch you must know: Chrysallis – Proderma (the company in Greece that imports jane iredale & Environ) also imports Natural Vitamin Supplements called “Advanced Nutrition Programme” which help revitalize your skin inside out by actually feeding in depth your Immune System ( or In time, they truly bring out a Magnificent Radiance and Softness to your face but also to the rest of your body. As a result, your Organism becomes Stronger, Healthier & much more Resistant.

If you think about it… When you rush all day in the physical demanding world to make the right decisions & defend yourself from daily challenges such as stress, criticism, tiredness, etc… you must also Safeguard and Shelter your Soul in order to keep on going. Your body needs a balanced diet, exercise & skin care to cope with your routine… Your Soul needs Silence.. Peace of Mind…

Let me put it more bluntly! Just like your computer & mobile phone needs to be plugged in for electricity in order to recharge, so does your Psyche! It is its source of Energy! Silence is the PLUG you must Log Into in order to Restart! The more 60 seconds Breaks you can take during your day when you are under pressure, the more Centred you will slowly become, which will allow your thoughts to get clearer and take Wiser decisions with Calm & Kindness.

Hint: Politeness can only attract RESPECT. Impose it! With Courtesy! Learn to acknowledge that the energy you extend, is the energy you will receive in return. No one wants a stressful person nagging him or her, yet if this is what you send to the outside world, those are the kind of people and situations you will attract next to you. Eventually, you will Lose yourself in that Control Drama. All the same… If you put Junk into your Metabolism, you will only get back an unhealthy Body with a rough Skin!

Life needs Patience. But to acquire that, you need a Goodnight Sleep every day, Minute Breaks & Hobbies to set your Mind Free! You need to Worship the Body your Soul chose to Reside in and nurture it with Care & Love. Be Proud of it. Because your Body & Soul is your Gate to your 5 senses! To SEE the Beauty of this world, to FEEL its warmth, to SMELL its nature, to TASTE its gastronomy, to LISTEN to your friends laughing, to SENSE your Lover’s touch…. Those are some of the truly Precious Elements & Values during our Existence. And not the Material things. But to feel Grateful for all that and not be Consumed by Anxieties society & others Oppress upon your Integrity, you must first Focus on keeping your Energy Impact! Only then can you truly Block those arrows from Injuring you. And here is the Irony: In order to see, smell, touch, listen, taste Life with positive vibes, you must accept that the Negative also exists! You must understand its Presence and the Lesson it is trying to Teach you BUT without letting it pull you in its Darkness. The fight is not easy… But it is the most fascinating Journey in Life!

In Silence with yourself… Comes the Art to Observe Situations & how you Relate to Them
In Silence with yourself… Comes the Art of Patience
In Silence with yourself…. Comes Wisdom

The weather today is fabulous. I sensed the need to feel the Wind mingle with my hair and listen to its music. I wore my Pearl Ear Rings & Pearl necklace (from Metallon shop in Nafplio –, I wrapped my neck with my Beautiful Burberry Scarf which is a very Dear present from my Mother, I grabbed my Diary “Le Petit Prince” which is the Pen to my Thoughts and put it in my Beloved Louis Vuitton Bag which comes with me everywhere I go during the Winter!

Off I went in town: Nafplio – One of the most Unique places to Live in this World and which is located in Southern Greece.

What I love about this little picturesque City is its unique architecture and the manner it travels me back in time during the 19th century.

The same epoch, when back in 1837, Louis Vuitton arrived by foot in Paris at the age of 16! He started his career for Monsieur Maréchal as a craftsman and introduced a revolutionary product: Flat – Bottom Trunks for the travellers to put their personal belongings when travelling. Up to those days, people would call upon specialized Artisans or Manufacturers to pack their belongings in custom designed boxes. L.V made all the difference! He invented “Pret a Porter” luggage and after 17 years he opened his own workshop in Paris at 4 Rue Neuve-des-Capucines near Place Vendome. But what truly made Louis Vuitton stand out and rise above his competitor back then, was his Quality & “The Tumbler Lock” which is still used today and is one of the most secure locks worldwide. With Patience, with Persistence, with Passion, by allowing years of Experience to Educate him, he made his Dream come True: He Created his Own Brand!

Yet my Mind was restless! Even though I was walking …

Silence: Can you Hear Me?
LBP: Not right now!

Silence: NOW! STOP!
LBP: What is it?

Silence: Listen to Me..
LBP: I don’t have time for that!

Silence: Shush! Sit! Tell me how you feel..
LBP: (Sigh) I feel Time Running! I feel stressed out because… actually I do not know why? It seems to me that 24 hours are just not enough! I feel bombarded with Bills & Obligations!

Silence: Take a Big Breath… Now tell me… What do you see with your eyes Open?
LBP: I see… Myself with Little Patience… I see how I foolishly allowed Others restrain my Freedom of Thought, Minimizing me, Pressuring me, Injuring me with their Words… Because I unconsciously allowed them to take my Power and Self-Confidence away from Me! I see how I let them Imprison me with their Negative Mood because I felt too Tired to stay Focused on my Inner Energy… I permitted myself to be Influenced by their Drama. I am constantly Complaining for ridiculous matters (like they do) when I know deep inside I have all that I need: Health! The most Loving Parents! A Home! Great Friends! A Good Job!

Silence: Nice… Close your eyes… Take 3 very Slow Deep Breaths… Tell me now what you Feel

My Consciousness: The warmth of the Winter Sun caressing my face, its Aroma relaxing me, its Brightness Hugging every Organ inside me, the Silent breeze Composing the most Harmonious Melody, I can almost Taste Freedom… I feel Grateful to be Alive…

Silence: Take another Deeper Slow Breath…

My Consciousness: I Sense your Presence Soothing Me, Centering Me, Re-Constructing my Thoughts, Calming Me… I Feel I am gaining back my Strength…

Silence: Very Nice… Open your Eyes… Now Spread your Wings Wider with your Passion and Rise Higher than Before… YOU ARE READY! Believe in YOURSELF!

Sometimes… You have to Fall in order to Climb up from a different Perspective! Sometimes you Need to Dive in order to Acquire better Judgment! You have to be Defeated in order to Gain Experience & choose a Smarter Path that may be Tougher but you will have Acquired Inner – Power to Achieve it with Confidence! Sometimes for a Lesson to be Learned you have to be able to go Beyond your Limits and accept the Challenge! You have to Prove your Strength & your Worth first to Yourself and then let it Mirror upon Others. The only Barrier for NOT achieving is your own Fear of Failing!!

Spread your Wings in Silence… They are the Reflection of your Self – Confidence.

Spread your Wings into the Immensity of Silence… Into the Inner Wisdom of your Heart…

“Flowing silence is love – Shared silence is friendship – Silence seen is infinity – Vibrating silence is creation – Expressed silence is beauty – Maintained silence is strength – Allowed silence is rest – Received silence is joy – Perceived silence is knowledge – Silence-alone is being” – Lyrics from the music artist “Vargo”

A very warm Thank you to my Precious Friend Georgia Stavropoulou for the Photo Shoot!

Morning & Evening Ritual with Environ:

My day starts by washing my face gently with the Pre-Cleansing Oil which is also a fantastic makeup remover. I wash it off and I then use the cleansing lotion which is a very soft creamy cleanser that hydrates my skin as soon as it touches my face. Further on, I pour some Moisturizing Toner on a cotton & take the last residues off my face. My skin is now perfectly clean to accept the nutrients I am about to feed it. I first put on the eye cream which is the only one I have known that allows you to spread it all over that area! Even on the eye cups… and finally the face cream which I use for day & night. Environ has 5 level phase creams which have to do with the intensity of Vitamin A. So after a year and a half I have been using them, starting obligatory from level 1, I am know using level 4. In the evening however, I do not put the creams but a very special Enhanced Oil extremely Rich in vitamins: A, C, & E which are Essential antioxidants that Hydrate and Protect the skin from the sun and Nourish it in Depth.


Compact which also has sun protection – PurePress Base Mineral Foundation / Blush – PurePress Blush / Eye Shadows: Shady Lady & Ivory / Eye Pencil: Black Brown

Advanced Nutrition Programme: or

Personally I use

“Skin Vit A+” which is the most basic & vital nutrition skin factor because it restructures the cells, it protects the skin from the external aggressive environment, it enhances the thickness of the epidermis, it activates the blood circulation and collagen production. Vitamin D which is also found in this supplement not only rejuvenates, strengthens & regenerates the skin cells but also enhances the metabolism

“Skin Antioxidant” protects the skin from the sun’s radiation harming effects and gives to the immune system an antioxidant natural protection against the UV sunlight (sun-rays enhance the ageing process and deteriorate our skin by causing serious dehydration and wrinkles)

“Skin Omegas+” increase the epidermis hydration & smoothness, but also enhances the skin’s defence from external threats.

Chrysallis – The Importing Company & Representative of Advanced Nutrion Programme (ANP), jane iredale & Environ in Greece

If you decide to follow my advise and use Environ, jane iredale & ANP supplements – please make sure you are introduced to a professional representative who has been educated continuously all year around through specialize seminars. After checking your skin, you will be advised to use the perfect product for your skin.

The representative in Nafplio where I currently live is: Artemis Eleftheriadou.

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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