This is what my country is made of!

I Love the little Town I live in – Nafplio! And today, I felt like strolling into its meandering roads to take pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S6 as usual and feel its Vibes. The sun was playing a beautiful game of Hide & Seek between the clouds, giving amazing Perspective to every shot I took.

First of course, I had to get my act together in the morning to wake up! On my Day off, I want to have my Breakfast and Green Tea with Ease & In Calm! What we say in French: La Grasse Matinée. Breakfast is my favourite meal because it gives to my body the First Taste Into Life after a Goodnight Rest and it Predetermines it to start with a Positive Boost! Even though I eat a very simple one: an Apple with a glass of goat milk which I blend into a smoothie with a bit of cinnamon and sometimes I might add 10 almonds.

The Apple has something Magical:

It is beautiful when you Gaze at it, it has the perfect Shape to Hold & “Embrace” within the palm of your hand with all your Fingers, it has a Smooth Texture when your Lips Touch it, it has a Crunchy & Crispy Sound once you Sink your Teeth into its Skin, it has a Delicate & Fresh Aroma of Nature, and its Taste is Juicy with a mild & elegant Sweetness. The perfect fruit that awakens all of your 5 Senses with a Gentle Sparkle and with Lightness giving to your metabolism an Invigorating & Healthy Vitality to begin your Day!

Of course, another part of my routine I also enjoy doing Leisurely is my Morning Environ Ritual. In other words, I Love taking care of my Skin to keep its Youth and its Natural Luminosity. Environ is Perfect in doing so with its range of products that feed our Skin with Vitamin A. I do not like wearing much makeup, I have always believed that Innate Beauty is the best and “jane iredale” is simply Magnificent with her range of products made out of Minerals & Essential oils straight from Nature that Protect and Nurture our Epidermis.

Time to go! Ι wore my precious Pearls (my favourite gem) and my Good Luck Charm (a magnificent present from my friend Georgia Stavropoulou), I took my Beloved Diary “Le Petit Prince” which is the Pen to my Thoughts, my Louis Vuitton wallet and bag, and off I went in town.

Do you know what makes my Country Loveable?

Can you keep a Secret?

It is the colours of the Sky, the Sea and the Land that make Greece so Unique!

L U M I N O S I T Y!

The Magnificent view to the endless Blue Horizon Kissing the Ocean!

The scent of the Iodine Paralyzing your Nostrils and acting as a stress Relief to Anesthetize any negative Thoughts tormenting you! The Feeling of digging the Palm of your Hand into the Golden Sand and allowing those Grains Slipping between your Fingers… A Fabulous Gesture of Anti – Stress.

And just to make sure all this stays well locked in your Mind Body & Soul, my Country leaves its Imprints Signed under your Skin with the Taste of its Food! Because our fruits, vegetables & herbs are all naturally grown by our Mother Earth… and She is our Precious Chef that works in Harmony with her Charismatic Husband: The Weather!

However, there is one more hint about Greece that makes it incomparable! A word: PHILOKSENIA – ΦΙΛΟΞΕΝΙΑ – Etymology: Philos = Friend / Xenos = Stranger (Tourist). Meaning, we welcome you with Fondness & Respect by making you feel part of our Family because we open our Arms with Genuine Warmth! It is an Art… To embrace each Culture with no judgement, with understanding, with humour & spree, with willingness to relax you & allowing you to enjoy the Greek Spirit as part of us! We Love showing you how we Taste Life and Indulge you to Savour it in our Company with a phrase: “Στην Υγεία Μας” (Stin iyia mas) – meaning: “Cheers to our Health”!

With the Sound of glasses Clinking as they are filled with Ouzo or Tsipouro or Delicious Wine!

My Culture arouses all of your 5 Senses with Passion to Loosen up your Heart and bring out your Natural Individuality!

A Seductive Temptation…

A bit like that Apple early in the Morning that Welcomes back Into Life your Body & Soul after a Good Night Sleep by Revitalizing every Cell softly like a Gentle Staccato melody played on Piano to start your Day with Pétillance!

Bonjour Beau Monde!

Pearl ear rings & necklace – Metallon Shop in Nafplio –

Chrysallis Proderma – – The Importing Company & Representative of Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP), jane iredale & Environ in Greece


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Dual Action Pre –Cleansing Oil (to clean face from makeup & moisturise it)
Mild Cleansing lotion (creamy cleanser that hydrates the skin & removes all residues left)
Magic Mitt Glove (to remove the lotion & remains of makeup)
Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner
Antioxidant & Peptide Eye Gel (around & on to the eyes)
Vita – Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser Level 4 (day & evening facial cream)
Enhanced Oil in Vitamins A – C – E (only for evening use instead of the facial cream)
RAD – SPF 15 Sunscreen


Compact which also has sun protection – PurePress Base Mineral Foundation / Blush – PurePress Blush / Mascara – longest lash thickening & lengthening / Eye Shadow – Mermaid & Soft Kiss

ADVANCED NUTRITION PROGRAMME (ANP) vitamin supplements: Skin Vit A+ / Skin Antioxidant / Skin Omegas+ or

If you decide to use Environ, ANP & jane iredale products – it is vital to be introduced to a professional representative who has been educated continuously all year around through specialize seminars to check your skin and advise you on what specific products to use. The representative in Nafplio where I currently live is: Artemis Elftheriadou.

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
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