Life: a Greek Meze!

“Beautiful moments last for a short while!” That is what is said.. Hm… Doesn’t it sound a bit pessimistic to you?

I would rather rephrase it to:

Precious moments are like a Greek Meze (what they call in Spain “tapas”)!

A small portion of food on a dish that is incredibly delicious and that gives you great satisfaction once you have a bite into it! And for one thing is certain, you CANNOT have just ONE meze! It has to be at least 3 to 4 meze plates for 2 people and at least 8 to 10 if you are a bunch of 6!

Even the sound of it – MEZE – tickles your palate as you pronounce it! The letter “Z” is one of my favorites actually! It creates a sense of fizziness in your body, a sparkle and it awakens all senses depending on the word! So MEZE opens up the appetite! It just turns on the button: FOOD! (ZEN, for instance, is the ability of turning ON the switch that blocks all thoughts from tormenting the mind! Which for some reason, always seems to be blocked on the sign: “THINK”!!).

The Art of the Meze starts by enjoying it with a friend or friends. So you need company. If however, you are alone, then the Meze becomes your companion and believe me, it is a state of pure meditation! Eating in a Taverna by the beach where its tables are placed on the sand, is a bliss to set you on “ZEN” and it is also a joy for your feet as they feel the humidity of the Earth… It is the perfect sensation of Tasting and Cooling off… You and your meze and your book (NOT MOBILE) gazing at the Greek Blue Sea.

Now if you are with your friends here is how it goes:

Imagine a table of 3 or 8 people. First rule – The Meze must be married with Tsipouro (Greek Grappa) which is my first choice with this type of food or with Ouzo or with Wine. Second rule – it must be at least 10 – 15 little dishes. Third rule – you bite from the plate so forget about manners – you can send them for a Greek siesta! Fourth rule – there are no RULES! Just go for it and enjoy!

There are 3 things that are crucial and that you must know nevertheless:

  1. The table where all the dishes are placed MUST be Chaotic!
  2. The sound of that table must be overwhelmed with Laughter
  3. You say cheers every 10 – 15 minutes

You cannot have it any other way! Thus, Meze is about sharing!

My favorites are Sardines, Red Mullet, Kalamari and Octapus on the Grill. Saganaki Shrimps (made in the oven with fresh tomatoe and feta cheese), Fava (Greek humus), Tzatziki (of course), Eggplant salad (Puree of eggplant with nuts and basil over the top), Horta (greens boiled and to which we pour fresh olive oil and lemon), spinach pie (with hand made dough), Dolmadakia (rice and minced meat rolled in vine leaves), Greek salad or lentils or black eye peas boiled and garnished with freshly cut anith, amaranth, basil, parsley, lemon and olive oil.

Now picture all that on a table.. Plates moving from one side to the other! CHAOS!

– Dont’ touch the last Sardine or I shoot you!
– Can you pass me the Olives?
– Where is the kalamari – hand it over to me!
– MMMmmmm … you just have to try the pie! The handmade dough it is made off is incredibly crispy and the spinach & herb filling is prodigiously aromatic! Delicious!
– Guys! will you let me eat my Dolmadaki instead of passing plates in front me!
– OH! Is there still some tzatziki left?
– You know dipping this freshly baked bread into the Greek salad olive oil is heaven!
– I can’t believe you just snatched the last sardine from my plate!
– Cheers people!

And once somebody says that, you stop eating! You raise your glass and cling them together!

– You still owe me my last Sardine! You are not getting away with that!
– Hahahahahahaha

Meze is a game… It’s short! It’s delicious! It’s fun! It’s relaxing! It gets you out of the routine because there are no rules! No manners to keep! It is a “Liberal” way of eating! And here is the difference from the first statement above: “Beautiful moments last for little”- yes but “Life: a Greek Meze” leaves a very long aftertaste in your taste buds with a variety of Aromas! And you can create them easily almost anytime! Life is about moments! Like the variety of those little meze plates! The secret of remembering a particular event is to connect it with a feeling! To be present at that moment! So although eating is a daily habit, once you connect it with laughter for instance, then it is printed & tattooed under your skin & in your mind! (You are NOT going to remember a lunch out with your friend if you are both chatting on your mobiles to others and missing each others company!)

Moments can be anything that inspires you to have peace of mind! I, for instance, love eating out with my friends! I enjoy going to concerts like the ones that were on last week in Nafplio in open air spaces! Classical and Jazz bands from all over Europe came! It was amazing!

Piano & Violin

Violin – Jan Mracek –
Piano – Lukas Klansky –


Espen Berg Trio –

Tomas Franck New Quartet

I cherish listening to my friends playing with their unique style at bars! Vaggelis Mitsopoulos on the guitar and microphone dressed as Elvis and his son Dimitris on the Drums!

I adore dancing and letting the music take over my body once I close my eyes! Bicycling, walking in nature, swimming, horseback riding when I get a chance, going to the movies and writing my daily journal are just a few of the leisure activities that calm and softens my inner-self. Depending on my mood, I choose analogically and I am always open to new experiences of course! One day…. I will do Sky Diving! There are no limits… As long you believe in your Passions and do not allow the switch that indicates “Freedom of Experiencing Life” turn down to “Logic & Comfort Zone”!!

Live like a Greek Meze! Taste Life with little Passions! Every Day… in Every Way!

A very warm thank you to my friends Carmen & Ralph from Germany, to CROSSBONES from Belgium for taking pictures with me, to Maria & Vaggeli from Chicago for their fantastic live as Elvis Presley, to my friend George Svanias from the 4 continents of this world for helping me with my pictures and for his boost of energy!

All Pictures are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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