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December 12, 2016
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Nice & Easy restaurant in Kolonaki (a high end neighborhood in the center of Athens) is one of my favorite places to enjoy a perfect meal.

Nice & Easy is unique for many Reasons:

Excellent Quality
Creativity in its Cuisine & Menu
Nationalism, as they use ONLY Greek products from Greek producers from denominated regions
Healthy way of cooking with BIO products
Each plate is explained and is analyzed with a description about its benefits & its nutrition facts
The Ambiance because it travels me back in a period of Time I have never met but would have loved to live in for its Music, Fashion & Romance: 1940’s – 1960’s
Perfect Service – Warm, Caring and Professional
Freedom in selecting half portions in most dishes
Extra Daily plates on top of the Menu a la Carte

Finally… J’Adore La Vie when it comes “Nice & Easy”

All together Nice & Easy has 3 locations: –

– Kolonaki (Centre Athens) –
– Kifisia (North Athens) –
– Mykono (Island) –

And this is where I had lunch few days ago with my Beautiful Mummy and Lefteri – her Devoted Life Companion whom I also Love Deeply. It had been a very long time I had not been in Athens and it felt nice to feel some of its vibes for a few hours.

Personally, what makes each Dinning experience Unique to me is not only the Cuisine but the whole “Ritual” of Degustation depending of course on the food & its quality, on the atmosphere, on the service, but also on the company I am out with. Therefore, eating with my Family is always a blessing to me, especially when we choose a nice restaurant. Why? Well believe it or not, because when I eat outside… the Environment will inspire me analogically for other subjects of discussion then the daily ones.

Nice & Easy is a song by one of my most favourite singers: Frank Sinatra! The owner of the Restaurant – Dimitris Christoforidis – is an ambitious Greek – American business man I have known for many years due to passed collaborations we have had through wine and whom I am Proud to say, has become a very Dear Friend of mine as well.

His Chef – Chris Athanasiadis – is simply exceptional for the way he expresses his Love & Respect for the Greek Cuisine… He adores whatever is produced within our Land!

When I was given the Food Menu and I felt its leather trimmed cover in my fingers, only one song came into my mind: “I did it my Way”. Once I opened it and started reading it, its Exclusiveness expressed: “My way is My Signature!” And My Signature is: Mr Christoforidis & Team.

We chose a Salad called The Gavras Salad – its scenario on the menu was described as a fresh salad with brown mushrooms agaricus pikla, cherry tomatoes, sun seeds and topped with a Panama hat: a piece of Goat Cheese enveloped in a crust of Pistachios.

The sauce was made from the sweet wine Mavrodafne (A Greek wine Variety that is used to produce sweet wine). Now, the contrast between the sweetness of the sauce together with the acidity and tartness of the goat cheese in its crispy nest, gave to this salad a magnificent dimension. The mushrooms gave the aroma and the sun seeds the sparkle! Think about it, a Panama hat falling in love to the tenderness & affection of its contrasting surrounding composure…. A story called “Casablanca”….?

The Cheese Pie of the day was a delicacy from Crete (Greek Island): handmade dough stuffed with a soft local cheese from Crete, topped with Honey and Cinnamon. A bit too syrupy for my taste but definitely delicious for those that have a sweeter tooth in food and that enjoy a “Summer Wind” on that Island (I love that Song Franky)

But let’s get down to serious business!

  • What are you having as a main course Darling (asks my Mother to Lefteri)
  • I am choosing Sophia Loren! (Lefteri loves Pasta)
  • What do you mean? You prefer Sophia Loren?
  • Well her consistency looks delicious!
  • FINE! Suit yourself! I will have Marlon Brando! (she said)
  • Are you insinuating something here?
  • Well if you prefer Sophia Loren then I will compete with My favorite Guy!

And we laughed our Hearts out!

I chose Michael Jackson because …Sometimes it feels nice to be just a little “BAD”!

Sophia Loren, when I tasted her from Lefteri, was Astonishing! But then again.. Sophia is the Symbol of Elegance & Eroticism!

The pasta used was very rich and filling in the mouth. The mushrooms gave her a voluptuous sensation, just like her Body when you picture her in your mind, and the cherry tomatoes that were juicy, harmonized the heaviness of the dish. A fantastic Vivacity that one could actually compare with her actual Physique.

Both burgers were made from the same meat with the difference that Michael Jackson was more plain and straightforward in its presentation as I do not really like bread.

Marlon Brando, on the other hand, was a Full American Hamburger! So while I enjoyed the spiciness & rhythm of Billie Jeans, my mother savored the complexity & scenario of The Godfather!

Let me just state this: Nice & Easy Burgers, to my taste, are one of the BEST in Greece! The quality used in the meat and the herbs in their recipe makes them Devine!

The owner and his father joined us in the middle of the meal and it gave me great Joy to see him after so many months. His eagerness to continuously evolve with new ideas keeps him a Restless Soul with the most Amazing Positive Energy coming straight from his Heart!

The subjects we touched were about politics, restaurant ideas, memories from our passed, philosophy, healthy eating and future dreams & goals we want to achieve along the course of our lives with patience & ambition. Isn’t that right Mr Sinatra? New York New York!

But what would a meal BE if it did not end with Sweetness…

I am not fond of deserts. However, I always make the exception here! Because they are so freshly made and light, that it is simply impossible to resist!

The Cheesecake:

If falling Snow over Mountains could have a Flavor, then the cream cheese that covers those crunchy biscuits, would be its taste! Light with a subtle & delicate texture… Slightly sweet from the spoon of Chokeberry jam placed in the middle of those white Snowballs that richly hide underneath them a Crumbly Land. MMMmmmm…. “Fly me to the Moon”! I say….

And if all this experience had to be a movie? Then Sophia Loren and Marlon Brado would have Fallen in Love by Dancing “Cheek to Cheek” to “Remember the Time” (Michael Jackson) they first said “I’ve got you Under my Skin”!

Thank you Nice & Easy for your Passion to travel me in a world of Genuine Gastronomy & Taste! Above all, I am deeply Grateful for your Warm and Genuine warm Welcome every-time I visit you.

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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