Let Me Tell you a Little Secret about…. Youth!

January 12, 2017
in About Life

What I Love about the first days of the Year, is the challenges I set!

My first one which I already started as of the 1rst of January is: Quit Smoking! Not an easy task but definitely a worth while challenge! It is a promise I gave to 2 of my best friends & I am keen to keep! My smoking habit was a packet of cigarette every 3 days. In Greece, ironically enough, it is not considered a lot! If you do not smoke at least a packet a day, then you are not considered a smoker in my country! Which is ridiculous of course on one side but amusing on the other because that is how Greeks see Life! There is always an excuse, usually a silly one, to make you feel better!

My second Challenge is to flourish “Live By Passions” and see it grow in its visitors. So, if I may, I would like to ask you all for your help and simply share each post I write through any social media you can. I would love to get your ideas or subjects you would like me to touch and make it even more attractive to your mindset. Moreover, I would be very interested in getting sponsorships on Luxury Goods I can write about and insert them in my everyday life by creating a Unique Story for each.

My third Challenge is to continue to feel Young, Vibrant, Positive, Full of Life, Energetic! And in my own way, I will give it my Best to make you feel the same every time I write.

Let me start by telling you a small little Secret about Youth:

Set aside our genes, it is also the way we choose to live a healthy Way of Life. Which means of course a good balanced diet, working out, positive psychology, NOT smoking or over drinking, finally, it is vital to protect our skin. Today I will focus on the last one: Skin Care. To choose & decide on the right creams to wear can be quite of a difficult dilemma when we are constantly bombarded by a whole load of advertising companies that promote their products as the BEST… What to choose… I will talk about my personal experience & may you wish, I thoroughly suggest you to try.

It took me a very long time to discover the right company that gave to my face the Radiance I had never imagined I could gain back! Most creams I had used up to know where either from well known cosmetic brands (and Lord knows how much money I had spent on them with no particular results) and the last few years I had ended up with Bio or Pharmaceutical ones which may not have been as expensive, but still no great results. Let me just say this, none of the above had created any problems to my skin or damage, they just did not seem to nourish it.

The company I now use however, is created by one of the best plastic surgeon doctors who is from South Africa: Dr Des Fernandes.

He concentrates on vitamin A which is the best vitamin & food nutrition you can give to your epidermis because it helps our external skin layer thickening which in return, by doing so, does not allow the sun’s rays penetrate into our cells and destroying them (the sun for more than a decade, has been a major threat to skin cancer & aging in general, just like smoking destroys the rest of our immune system). Thus, Vitamin A hydrates the skin by penetrating into it and actually feeding it! Whereas most creams are just superficial & simply stay on the surface, Dr Des Fernandes found the molecule that allows to each and every layer in our skin to open up and welcome its nourishing care to its roots. Vitamin A is the Oxygen our skin hungers for and that both women & men should use. The Name of the company I am talking about, created by Dr Des Fernandes, is:

What I adore about this company is its loyalty: whatever I have used has shown amazing results. And the 3 things I am absolutely Infatuated with are:
1. Their texture – as soon as I put them on, my skin absorbs them like a sponge due to its composure & technology… The result: RADIANCE! YOUTH!
2. They have no perfume because they have nothing to hide! I have always disliked creams with too much fragrance… First of all because I have a very sensitive nose and cannot bare intense aromas, secondly, too much perfumery means a hidden catch and usually to cover up some kind of toxic ingredient.
3. The more I use them, the healthier my skin looks, toned & refreshed!

But how did I meet Environ? Through:


Jane Iredale is to my personal opinion, the best Natural Makeup Cosmetic Company World Wide! She uses only minerals, no talc powder & her philosophy is to look Natural… An Elegant Look with a Discrete resplendence & even allowing those little imperfections find their way to look perfect on you. How did I meet the brand “jane iredale”? Back in 2014 when was working in Antiparos Island, I had come across a shop that sold skin care products & the owner had advised me to try “jane iredale” since my skin is very sensitive. And that was it…

Both “jane iredale” & Environ are imported by a company in Greece called:

Chrysallis Proderma –

The representative in Nafplio where I currently live is: Artemis Elftheriadou.

Artemis is a very big chapter in my Life. She is the Best Qualified Dietitian & Beautician I have ever met. She taught me how to use “jane iredale” products, how to protect & nourish my skin with Environ through their range of products but also through various therapies she applied on me. Finally, she educated me how to eat correctly through a balanced diet with no pressure. I lost 10 kilos over a year, regained my vibrancy through her Astounding Professional Advise & Knowledge, and through a lot of hard work, which I would have not managed without her support, I regained a Figure I had never dreamed of! My collaboration with her is Flawless! Her Belief in me to arrive to my goal was Remarkable! She gave me strength & faith in myself, but above all, she has become by now one of my most Loved friends I Cherish Dearly..


Let me get back to my first challenge!

Since I got the right creams, the right cosmetics, the well balanced diet, the gym, my psychology positive (my brain still healthy! I think), what remains is to stay strong enough not to start smoking again! Now… Waking up, having my coffee and NOT smoking my morning nicotine on the 1rst of January, was… Oh My My My… No words can describe my nerves! Not smoking the rest of the day, especially when in the afternoon I went out for a drink, was also another difficult issue! But I managed… The first 10 days were very tough. Everything bothered me and as much as I tried to stay centered, there were moments I could kill for a smoke. But then on the 11th day something magical happened: I felt my cells breathing oxygen, I did not feel my breath like an ashtray when I woke up in the morning, I could taste food with more savouriness and I felt my body detox!

Of course I can still hear that little DEVIL talking in my head:

  • Oh… But you Enjoyed Lighting me & with such an Elegant Gesture… Smoke me! You Adore that Sexy Gesture! (Cigarette – Mindset)
  • Maybe I did! But I decided to find Elegance in Other things & Give more Importance to my Health! (My Consciousness)
  • You Love Inhaling Me!
  • No! I was to wrapped up in many other Issues in my mind, to realise that with YOU in my Mouth, it was more Problems that I was Inhaling! And your Taste was Bitter! Rotten! And Honestly… A waste of Money!
  • I’m your Addiction! You need me!
  • Actually, I hate Addictions! And you have been the Worse in my Life! You have only Helped my Body feel Like Waste, Out of Breath & you have Converted it to an Industrial Polluted Environment where each of my Organs try to Survive with a lot of Effort!
  • Yet I bet you cannot Live without Me!
  • I Bet I will be the One Killing YOU! Destroying this Weakness that YOU consume in my Mind! I will Set Myself Free from You because you are just a Vice in my Brain! Just a Malfunctioning that Needs to be Eradicated, Exterminated & Purified.
  • I will Find a Way…
  • Oh but You will NOT! Because my Desire to Live By Passions in my Life does not Include you in 2017 nor for the rest of the Years I shall be Alive! You have Disgusted me Enough!
  • How Dare you Destroy Me! (Cigarette)
  • By Choosing to Live in Health! By Eliminating your Thought! Because you are just a Deficiency in my Sub – consciousness and I am Much Stronger than You! I Just hadn’t realised how… At the End of the Day… YOU ARE THE WEAKNESS! YOU ARE A JOKE! And you Belong to my Past back in 2016. You are BANNED! I choose to Breath in Pure Oxygen Instead!

This said, while applying my Environ Beloved Ritual with care, I got dressed up & put on my – jane iredale – Makeup.

I grabbed my Louis Vuitton Bag with my Initials on it which is a very precious present from a collaboration I had few years ago with a company who acknowledged my work with incredible respect & recognition. Got my Diary & Car Keys!

Fially I Drove off to find my Beloved friends for our afternoon Tea & Coffee!

Morning & Evening Ritual with Environ:

My day starts by washing my face gently with the Pre-Cleansing Oil which is also a fantastic makeup remover. I wash it off and I then use the cleansing lotion which is a very soft creamy cleanser that hydrates my skin as soon as it touches my face. Further on, I pour some Moisturising Toner on a cotton & take the last residues off my face. My skin is now perfectly clean to accept the nutrients I am about to feed it. I first put on the eye cream which is the only one I have known that allows you to spread it all over that area! Even on the eye cups… and finally the face cream which I use for day & night. Environ has 5 level phase creams which have to do with the intensity of Vitamin A. So after a year and a half I have been using them, starting obligatory from level 1, I am know using level 4.

jane iredale

Compact which also has sun protection – PurePress Base Mineral Foundation / Blush – PurePress Blush / Mascara –Longest Lash Thickening & lengthening / Eye Shadows: Ivory & 24 – Karat Gold Dust (Bronze) / Retractable Brow Pencil – Dark Brunette / Lipstick – Just Kissed Lip Plumper Colour: Montreal

If you decide to follow my advise and use Environ & jane iredale products – please make sure you are introduced to a professional representative who has been educated continuously all year around through specialize seminars. After checking your skin, you will be advised to use the perfect product for your skin.

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
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