Is that you Santa Claus?

Once Upon a Time…

I used to Believe in Santa Claus! The name Santa Claus rhymes of course with a Tree full of Presents! Isn’t it incredible the things we used to believe in when we were still Children… And our Parents made it perfect for us to Feel that Magic!

When we grow up however, 3 things happen:

  • We acknowledge that HE does not actually Exist
  • We realise that all the Christmas Magic created around us was Hard Work from our Parents who made this Fairy Tail seem True through their Endless Love towards Us
  • We finally understand that the most Precious present we can Receive & Give is to be next to our Loved ones: Family & Friends.

Of course…. many more other “things happen” when we grow up, but let’s keep it to those 3! To simplify things!

My favourite moment during this season, is gathering in front of a fire place with a Warm Chocolate or a Hot Christmas Tea with the people I truly Adore and indulge myself to the Greek Traditional Christmas Cookies: Melomakarono & Kourabie.

Melomakarono is a Biscuit based on wheat, semolina, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and wall nuts.

They do not have any butter in them but olive oil (sometimes seed oil as well). They are usually made in a round shape with a layer of Honey and Wall Nuts (or for the more Greedy ones, they can be topped with Chocolate and Nuts).

I love these Biscuits because their sweetness is Natural from the Cinnamon and the Nectars’ Bee.

You see, there are some Smells that remain in my Memory Unforgettable! The Scent of Melomakarono in the house we used to live in Belgium when I was much younger, brings back to my Mind Beautiful Moments of me sneaking in the kitchen when Mum was in the shower, and with my Constantly Dirty Long Fingers, I would Grab one secretly to Savour! The “Melomakarano” back then, reminded me of the Compassionate Caring Warmth of my Country… It was as if at that moment I felt Greece Embracing me in her Arms with the most Tender Passion. As if I felt her Sunshine caressing my Face and the Scent of that delicious Floral aromatic Greek Honey, nourishing my Body… Just like those Bees Nurture the Greek Land. With just one bite… MY Culture was in my mouth!

Therefore, this particular Devilish Biscuit which is irresistible for all of the above reasons, but also for its Cinnamon which is my most Favorite Spice, is a Cookie that Santa Claus never would like to Miss! A Sweet Delight made purely from Natural ingredients and that Welcomes Christmas with a Delicious Coziness.

“Kourabie” is the other Traditional Greek treat, that fills the house with the Aromas of Fresh Butter and Roasted Almonds.

Each Kourabie is Aromatized with Rose Water & Vanilla and is garnished with a Luscious layer of Icing Sugar. It is a crunchy Biscuit with an Almond filling in the shape of a half Moon that in company with a Greek Coffee inspires for great Christmas Gossip and Laughter! The problem here is that I cannot eat one discretely because that soft powder sugar has this inconvenience of spreading all over the lips, nose, clothes and it betrays eventually my move by biting into it! But on the other hand, that is what makes it a “FUN” delight when you eat it with friends!
Honestly… what would this World Be without Laughing with your Heart Open among your Chosen friends… It Calms all the tensions in every part of the Body and Relaxes the Mind. The perfect shot of “Meditation”!

Knock Knock!

  • Is that you Santa Claus?
  • No… It’s Mr Melomokarono!
  • Welcome! Come in!
  • I thought your Home might need a little Christmas Spell with my Fragrance & a bit of Coziness with my Soothing Taste!
  • Oh yes Please! Why don’t you sit next to the Fire! What can I offer you? Tea, Greek Coffee or a Hot Chocolate? Where is Mrs Kourabie by the way?
  • Shshshshsh… I think I managed to get away from her!! A Hot Chocolate please!

Knock Knock!

  • Is that you Santa Claus?
  • No but I think that my Husband must be with you! Thank God he leaves traces of Honey & Wall Nuts wherever he goes and I can Find him!
  • Mrs Kourabie! Welcome! Yes he is here Relaxing with his Enticing Aroma in the Living Room! ​
  • Well then, how about we add some Crispiness and Crunchiness to his Spell! Mr Melomakarono! Were you trying to run away from me?
  • No My Darling Mrs Kourabie! Of course not! I was Testing you to see how much you would trace me with your Love!
  • Mr Melomokarano! Is that a Hot Chocolate Again!! You are Uncorrectable!
  • Shall I offer you a Greek Coffee Mrs Kourabie? (I asked)
  • Oh yes My Darling Lydia

Knock Knock!

  • Is that you Santa Claus?
  • …. (No Answer)
  • Who is it?

So I open the door but no one… However, under my Doorstep, I found an Envelop. I picked it up, closed the door behind me and opened it slowly. The Paper inside it was very Fragile and almost transparent with shades of White & Gold. It had a Vanilla & Roasted Nuts Fragrance and its touch was like Satin. It was addressed to Me and it read in Bronze Sparkling Letters:

Friendship: When you become part of Her World and Ride next to Her like a King or a Queen simply by the Respect she Brings out of You and for the Good She will allways see in You.

Friendhood: When a Person Unique in your Life Welcomes you in Her Heart with a Dedication that Triggers You to be Yourself because She accepts you as you are to be Part of Her…

A Friend: A Person that Challenges You to Live by the Art to see Little Daily Moments Preciously & helps you acknowledge the Beauty of your Personality… Who awakens You to be Self – Confident through her Strength & Passion to Rise Higher… Who Believes in You… Who is also Grateful to be Part of Your Cosmos with Dignity & Pride because She Cherishes your Support… Who Listens to your Heart and Creates a Warmth that Converts Tears into a Smile…

Knock Knock!

Startled by the Noise and my Concentration in the Letter

  • Is that You…

As I opened the door a bit Dazzled… Right there in front of me were standing my 5 Best Friends with 2 Bottles of Champagne and Shouting all at Once: SURPRISE!!

And that was the Best Present Santa could send Me… Thank you Christmas Magic!

  • GUYS!!! Leave a Melomakarono and Kourabie for me too until I poor the Champagne!!!! PLEASE!
Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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