Ice Ice Baby!

If you ask me what is my favorite dessert… The answer is that I am not very fond of sweets. BUT! In the summer, how could one resist to the call of Ice Cream! Bear in mind that in Greece, and especially where I live: in Nafplio, it can get up to 45 degrees Celsius!


There are days where I honestly feel like an egg getting fried when I sit in my sun exposed car and I wonder when I turn on the ignition, will the engine start or will it explode into a volcano?! On the other hand, if I have to walk a distance, I feel like my skin is melting like lava and that my body is decomposing with each and every step I take. I have no idea what hell is supposed to look like, but I can definitely reveal to you that the pictures of those little devils boiling water in cooking pots with humans inside, is how I sense those sun rays torturing my epidermis and my nervous system!

Thank Goodness there is also Paradise around us however:

The Deep Blue Sea & Ice Cream!

Ice Cream, is a very healthy meal if you eat it for lunch as long as it is hand made with fresh ingredients and it is eaten with moderation of course. Believe it or not, this little frozen snack, has a huge source of vitamins A, B-2, B-12, C, D, and E. Furthermore, it provides a great boost of energy as it is rich in carbohydrates, fats and protein which are needed for our body and essential for our metabolism. It has superb source of minerals like calcium and phosphorus which are vital in maintaining strong bones. Least but not last, it exhilarates and invigorates the brain as it reduces the levels of stress in the body and in the nervous system because of the milk which is by itself a natural tranquilizer ( Finally, Ice Cream makes you smile and it can boost your sex drive! Whether you like it or not!!

When I decide to have one for lunch and nothing else but that, it is everything together or nothing at all! Thus, I take the cone that is enveloped with chocolate and almonds, I choose 3 different tastes and I pamper myself in the luxury of its cooling effect and delicious taste! My most beloved brand in Nafplio is “KOUSTENIS” – / &

Their history in ice cream is almost half a century old and their Art of Creating the most delicious flavor varieties shows their dedication and passion for quality. My favorites are Toffee & Cream, Almond and the third taste could be Ferrero Rocher or Cookie & Cream or sometimes Pistachio depending on my mood.


If I ask you why do the lips enjoy touching and eating something soft, would you be able to tell me the reason why? Before your mind goes to anything spicy, let me take you back in time into your sub – consciousness and to the first seconds when you were newly born! An experience you definitely do not remember, yet the memory has been registered somewhere in the back of your mind. Allow me to continue…. Once you came out of your mama’s belly do you know what was the first thing your gums touched?

The softness of her Breast and the taste of her milk! Your first experience of affection & devotion was a moment of tenderness, taste and calm near her heart.

When I kiss the smoothness of the ice cream and its soft frosty texture, my eyes close and I recall those childhood innocent years when we used to live in Africa with my parents. Back then my mother used to make ice cream and once it was ready, her call was my favorite alarm! I would run bare foot (as usual) from the other side of the house and fall into her arms as she handed to me the cone filled with delight! My father on the other hand, would tease me and would try to snap it out of my hands at first, but then he would hold me up near his chest until I ate it all while some of it dripped on his blouse! You see, to me, ice cream brings back genuine moments of Love!

Ice cream has to be eaten directly with your mouth (not with a spoon) to feel its soothing effect with all of your 5 senses! The palate, starting from the lips, to the tongue & in the taste buds, encompasses all of your sensors: taste, aroma, touch and sound once you first admire its irregular yet so seductive curved shape. You hold it, you try to eat it before it melts, you giggle as it is impossible not to get some on your clothes, and you hum to its deliciousness. If you eat it together with friends, then it becomes the most playful desert! It is a ritual of happiness! An enjoyable and relaxing pleasure. A little Passion I adore indulging myself with once in a while with a warm bitter Espresso Americano to balance its sweetness!

A warm thank you to my good friend Sotiri Georgiou ( for his help in my photo shoot, to my parents for all the memories, and to the wonderful girls at Koustenis that always serve you with the most beautiful smile!

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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