Happiness in a Cappuccino!

November 1, 2016
in About Coffee

Such a Simple & yet Divine Enjoyment… It is the Sharpness of the Espresso Waking up the Immune System like an Electric Shot and at the same Instant the Smoothness of the Cream Milk that Embraces this Bitterness and in consequence, Balances both of these Contradictory Worlds to Marry with a Pleasurable Harmony! An Exquisite Feeling of Comfort for the State of Mind …

My other Favourites are Filter Coffee, Double Espresso and of course… Greek Coffee! Greek Coffee… Especially first thing in the Morning. It is Filling & incredibly Aromatic. It wakes you up gradually like a Soft Melodic Music when still in bed under the Covers the first Snooze from that Alarm Clock is Set for the Next 10 minutes. A Luxury… to feel the Softness of those 600 seconds…

I Love holding the Warm Mug in the Palm of my Hands and sensing its Temperature Relaxing & Bringing to Life every Inch of my Body.

If I am alone, I Love it with the Company of a good Book! Either in a nice Cosy Cafeteria or at Home on My Couch. If however, I am with my Friends, then it makes me feel Vibrant and Excited to hear their News! A Social “Joie de Vivre” where the Exchange of Energy is Genuine, Delightful & Cheerful. It is those little moments in Life where I am Grateful to have Such Friends around me that Care & with whom we have One common Objective: To Laugh with our Hearts Open! To Listen to Each Other and Advise! And to Joke with the Silliness of our Problems!

Today, I am at Xenon Café in Nafplio, which is situated on the main Square called Syntagma.

A very Elegant & Modern Café renounced for its “Loukoumades” which are served either with Honey or with Chocolate.

Loukoumades is a traditional Greek Delice that resembles to a donut more or less. It is a dough made of flour in the shape of a small ball that is deep-fried for a few seconds and served while Hot and Succulent.

Its taste is very Rich & to Me, it Virtually brings back Memories of my Childhood when my Grandmother used to Spoil me with Delicacies that she Cooked with Affection & Endless Devotion. An Overwhelming state of Love!

Here, it is matched with Espresso Freddo (Cold Espresso)

Xenon is also a Hotel ( If we take the Etymology of the Word: “Xenos” means Foreigner & “Filo – Ksenia” the friend of the foreigner, thus we use the word “Filoksenia” in Greek to say “Welcome”. If we Travel back in History, this Unique place used to Welcome Architects, Archaeologists, Historians & Philosophers from all over the World to talk about the Archaeological Discoveries around the Area such as the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus or Mycenae or Tiryns, and many more. Since then, it has kept its Friendly but also Professional Hospitality where one can Relax and almost Sense all the Cultures and Nationalities that Once Upon a Time used to Mingle & Exchange their Wisdom among Each Other and stay for the Night.

And along these lines, so simply put… Just like people met back then and Inspired one another to Exchange their Knowledge depending on the Ambience that Xenon Café had that period in Time… Each Type of Coffee has its Own Psychology depending on your Mood! Its Own Story to Bring out within your Inner Self! Its Unique Effect on your Personality. It all depends on the way you Choose to Smell its Aroma when Closing your Eyes and allow for that Fraction in Seconds to Stop your Thoughts from Tormenting your Busy Mind.

Like a short Meditation in the Speed of Light that triggers you to Recognize the Environment you are in (the place you are drinking it) and to bond it with the Moment (the company & the subject of discussion)

But Personally, Happiness in a Cappuccino is Found in the Attention I give to it while Slowly I Drink its Velvet Texture & allow it to Awaken my 5 Senses with Amour…

Whether Alone or in Company, it has this Magical Attribute to Integrate in all types of Situations and Welcome each Sip with Pleasure & Contentment…

A Little Passion some take for Granted, but that I Cherish!

Thank you Xenon Cafe for your warm Hospitality, Excellent Service, Exquisite Coffee & Delicious Loukoumades!

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
Laugh Through your Heart! Breath into Life with a Lucid Smile! Love Naturally! Genuinely! Daily Moments are Passions To Grasp! To Sense! To Savour! To Listen! To Touch! To Master! Welcome to My Style of Living!

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