Do you Believe in Miracles?

January 30, 2017
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What if I told you that you could actually even wear this little Miracle?

What if…. I told you that its Birth is as Fascinating as yours when you were an Offspring in your Mother’s Womb?

In the Deepness of some Oceans & Seas where silence is absolute, there exists various Living Organisms. One of those Wonders are those delicious Oysters! But they are not unique just for their Subtle & Heavenly taste, but most importantly, because they create a Precious Gem that is complete by itself and that is the only precious stone in our Cosmos that can be found inside a Living Creature. An Inestimable Treasure that does not need to be mined, cut & polished to reveal its Beauty & Loveliness like any other Gemstone or Precious Metal which inevitably has to be processed from Earth. It is Naturally created by its “Mother” the Oyster with such Perfection that its shimmering Iridescence, Lustre and Soft Inner glow is unlike any other on our Planet.

Ironically enough, its Creation is very irritating for the Oyster! Its life begins as a parasite or a piece of shell that finds its Home accidentally in the Oyster’s soft inner body where it cannot be expelled! To cope with this annoying little particle, the Oyster’s organism takes action and begins to create a smooth, hard crystalline substance around it, known as “nacre”, in order to protect itself. The more this irritant persists & lingers within the shell, the more the Oyster will secrete nacre around it, layer upon layer, until it is completely covered by a silky crystalline coating. Bare in mind, that this nacre is not just a soothing substance, but it is “composed of microscopic crystals of calcium carbonate, aligned perfectly with one another, so that light passing along the axis of one crystal is reflected and refracted by another to produce a Rainbow of Light & Colour”

The Ultimate result is – THE PEARL!

Isn’t it a Miracle… How something so astounding emerges simply by the way a Precious Little Oyster enjoying the Quietness in the Deepness of the Sea, protects itself from an intruder in its Home and Metamorphoses it into a magnificent Treasure!

I am fascinated by Pearls… Not only because they are Natural but also because they are a Lving Organisms! They are like small little Stars made from a unique Micro-System! And when they are worn, they truly give to the Skin a magnificent Glow – it is just like wearing a Full Moon that illuminates the night while admiring its Reflection into the Sea.

  • Are you Ready? (Georgia asked while entering my house)
  • No! I’m late! ( I exclaimed)
  • Well come on now! Hurry up!! We will never be on time for the shops you want to see!!!
  • Don’t worry, we will manage! It’s my day off today!! Don’t pressure me!
  • Ok Lydia… But Get your Act Together Woman!
  • A!!! Are you insinuating that I am a slow lazy bum? You little Gorgeous Angel?
  • Hahahahaha! No! I’m just triggering you to stay Young & Vibrant Mrs LBP! Have you done your Morning Environ Ritual at least?
  • Yes of course! After my workout at the gym earlier on this morning and my shower, it is the next thing I did! All I need to put on is my PurePress Base Mineral Foundation with sunscreen & PurePress Blush from jane iredale. Did you do yours?
  • Of course Lydia! It is a Ritual I will never stop doing and I am grateful you introduced me to Environ considering the problems my skin has had. By the way, aren’t you going to put on any eye shadow? Or Mascara?
  • Nope! Today I want to be completely Natural! And if I am not mistaken, you don’t seem to have anything on either? So I say Georgia: Let’s Shine Bright Like those Pearls! Environ makes a great job on that matter! Bringing out our Natural Beauty by Rejuvenating our Skin!
  • I know it’s amazing how these creams feed our epidermis & give it an Authentic Luminosity… Just like those Oysters which suddenly have to cope with an Ugly invader but instead of Hating it, they Embrace it and convert it into a Magnificent Treasure!
  • Exactly! Very well said! The more we use them, the more they process into our Cells and Regenerates them. The result is a Natural Iridescence!
  • By the way… Talking about Health, how are you coping with your New Year Resolution about Smoking?
  • A promise is a promise! And I keep mine to you as I said I would, but also to myself! Even if I’ve had a few nervous breakdowns, they lasted only for a few seconds! The fact I feel so much Healthier, makes me brush off the idea of Lighting a Cigarette in the first place!
  • Fantastic!! I’m very proud of you! Ok are you Finally Ready???
  • STOP PRESSURING ME Georgia! What is it with you today!
  • Well if I didn’t Nag you Lydia just a bit… then who else would Energize you? Everyone needs their Shot of Personalised Espresso! I happen to be YOURS! So MOVE YOUR BODY LBP!
  • OK! Remind me to tell you what you just told me in 20 years when you will have my age Misses!!!
  • That’s my point! When I’ll be your Age, I’ll make sure to have trained you enough to NAG & CHALLENGE me to be as Authentic as you are! So LET”S GOOOOO AMIGA!
    I laughed at her fabulous answer, grabbed my Agenda & My Louis Vuitton bag, and off we went in town: Nafplio!

Our first stop was at Metallon which is one of my favorite Jewelry shops ( It is owned by Fani Gialama ( I have known Fani for many years & for one thing I Love her dearly, is that she always brings Authentic Jewelry. She is not interested in having brands in her shop but she collaborates with small producers that work with Devotion to create Unique Jewels. But that consists only a 10% of the shop, the rest of her collections are made by Ioannis Athanasopoulos who is the Designer and who specializes in traditional Byzantine Jewelry.

Her shop is as fascinating as a Museum! The more you Observe each Display, the more Treasures you find!

My Parents had given me for my birthday very Beautiful Pearl ear rings with a simple golden chain & my Grandmother had bought me a Magnificent Pearl to hang on it.

However, today Fani showed me a creation from her son Panagiotis who has just started his career and who seems to have a Remarkable Imagination – A Ring decorated with Pearls which she matched with a long necklace that had the same Gemstone on it.

It felt like wearing the Oyster’s Shell itself! As if it had converted itself into a Perfect Spiral in order to Embrace a Finger as its New Home…

She also came out with various other Necklaces & Bracelets from other “Artists” that were Finely Made.

A truly Admirable Woman that works with Passion and who has all kinds of Styles to compliment a Woman’s Taste (

Our second stop was at my other Favorite Jeweler: Maya Zoulovits ( She has 2 stores, one in Kifisia (Athens) & one here in Nafplio.

Her creations are made with incredible Finesse and Elegance. Her Signature attracts all ages and her designs include idiosyncratic & simple pieces that bring out her Talent, Creativity, Passion, Humility and Respect for Refined Art – Her philosophy is for the Woman to be Chic & Classy.

Her sources of Inspiration are pictures of Everyday Life & her most Favorite is designing rings.

The Minimalism of her shop Relaxes me and even Indulges me to take my time in discovering all of her Collection & Works of Art.

My Favorite in her last designs is of course this one:

Sophisticated – Plain – allowing the Pearl to be the Master of the Ring. Nothing more… Nothing Less… Simply the Perfect Chevalier!

Pearls attract Wealth, Luck and Protection. They are said to bring out the Purity, Generosity, Integrity and Loyalty of its Wearer. However, above anything else, they symbolize the Wisdom that can only be acquired through Experience…

So while you are Forming Yourself from an irregular shape to a Baby Human in your Mother’s Womb and you feel Day after Day the Loving Care within Her Belly… Growing you with Patience & Devotion regardless of her discomfort sometimes, then Acknowledge that you are a Creation as Precious and Unique as that Pearl…

“All Art is Autobiographical. The Pearl is the Oyster’s Autobiography” — Federico Fellini

A Warm Thank You to Fani Gialama & Maya Zoulovits for allowing me to take Pictures & Introduce them to my Blog. A very Big Thank you to my Precious Little Angel & Friend – Georgia Stavropoulou – for helping me take Pictures & being my Model.

Morning & Evening Ritual with Environ:

My day starts by washing my face gently with the Pre-Cleansing Oil which is also a fantastic makeup remover. I wash it off and I then use the cleansing lotion which is a very soft creamy cleanser that hydrates my skin as soon as it touches my face. Further on, I pour some Moisturizing Toner on a cotton & take the last residues off my face. My skin is now perfectly clean to accept the nutrients I am about to feed it. I first put on the eye cream which is the only one I have known that allows you to spread it all over that area! Even on the eye cups… and finally the face cream which I use for day & night. Environ has 5 level phase creams which have to do with the intensity of Vitamin A. So after a year and a half I have been using them, starting obligatory from level 1, I am know using level 4.


Compact which also has sun protection – PurePress Base Mineral Foundation / Blush – PurePress Blush

Chrysallis Proderma

The Importing Company & Representative of both Jane Iredale & Environ in Greece

If you decide to follow my advise and use Environ & jane iredale products – please make sure you are introduced to a professional representative who has been educated continuously all year around through specialize seminars. After checking your skin, you will be advised to use the perfect product for your skin.

The representative in Nafplio where I currently live is: Artemis Elftheriadou.

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