Captain OH My Captain!

Spring wakes You up with a sense of Rebirth, Renewal, Rejuvenation when it Knocks at your door step with its Aromas of Blooming Flowers.

But to me, it also Whispers into my Heart words such as: Sun, Sea, Sand, Shell, Sailing, Surfing, Salt, Serenity, Softness, Senses, Sensuality, Soul, Singing, Sparkle, Stars, Silk, Sapphire…

The first thing I love about it, is getting rid of my heavy clothes which always seem to be a weight upon my shoulders by the end of Winter. Together with that, I finally brush away little problems or obstacles that the Cocooning Season may have caused but that I hardly had any courage to face & delete because my Mood was set ON Snooze! Or to Hibernation! However, it is a Bliss to take out my Summer clothing for I enjoy the touch of their lighter texture on my Skin and Brighter Colours as they feed my Esprit with Resilience & Vivacity. Winter can be very remote but it has its own Charm. Spring is like a Sparkling Wine! A Glass of Champagne! And it starts with Strawberries!

Another element of Spring that I welcome only during this particular change of season is the choice of my handbag. Autumn & Winter are always dedicated to my Louis Vuitton as you noticed in my previous articles (a very unique present from an excellent business collaboration). In Spring however, I love carrying a bag pack and this time I chose a Greek company called “Veta – bags & accessories” that has amazing designs and styles with gorgeous colours, and with excellent quality. The shop in Nafplio that sells them, “Ti Kallisti”, is one of my favourites!

Not only for its range of products, but also for the perfect service the girls working there offer to you. Politeness, Kindness, no pressure to buy, Willingness to inform you about all the accessories & advise you according to your needs. Finally, their constant Elegant Smile can only Win your Trust in them.

You see, choosing the right bag which will follow me until Autumn is Important. It has to have the right colours to Inspire my Mood to be Positive and it has to have a shape that my back will Welcome with Comfort.

Of course, with Spring comes out my bicycle! Riding into town with the refreshing delicate wind strolling my hair gives me that unique sense of Liberation.

Time to move! ON ME of course, “Environ” face creams to protect my Skin from the Sun and “jane iredale” makeup for a Beautiful Natural Look!

WITH ME my new Bag (my Easter present from Mum & Lefteri). My Journal – the Pen to my Thoughts!

My Good Luck Charm (by my Gorgeous Friend Georgia Stavropoulou).

My Pearls (my favourite Gem), my Samsung Galaxy S6 – the Eyes of my Blog and finally … My Freedom!

Nafplio Sails into Spring in the most Fascinating & Unique way. First with its Blooming Nature that captivate your Mind like a Drug…

And with its Intense Over-Saturated Chromaticity that Glows had it been a picture or a painting on Canvas.

Secondly, Nafplio welcomes to its Port the most Luxurious Event: The Mediterranean Yacht Show – – a Breath-taking and Lavishing Exhibition!

The town is filled with Yachts & Sailing boats! It is crowded with Captains, Sailors and their Crew! It is visited by International Brokers from all over the World that come and book Yachts for their clients! Nafplio becomes the Centre of all Languages… all Cultures…

Along with all this also comes the Fun Part with Splendid Evening Events on Yachts

Great Parties at our Bar 3Sixty ( and Dazzling Concerts at Palamidi Castle and at the Harbour.

Fashion Shows!

Nafplio during these 5 days is a Precious Treasure: A GEM!

But what I adore the most during the Yacht show is of course Welcoming back & being at the Service again of our Devoted Clients that have been staying at the Hotel I work for – 3Sixty Hotel & Suites – ( the last 3 years, and meeting my friends that take part of this exhibition with their Wine Businesses as distributors. A segment of the market I used to be part of for 15 years and that I still Cherish for all the acquaintances I made and knowledge I acquired as a Marketing / P.R & Public Relations Woman.

I will not say more… But let you Enjoy the Pictures taken at various hours of the Day…

SPRING: Are you ready to Sail?

LBP: But of Course! Which Destination have you Chosen?

SPRING: It depends… How Long do you want the Journey to Last?

LBP: For Ever! As Long as my Oxygen is your Warm Breeze & My Perfume your Blooming Flowers!

SPRING: How about we Sail into the Luminosity of the Oceans across the World and Grab some Rainbows?

LBP: Rainbows? Are we going for a Treasure Hunt?

SPRING: Well… What do you consider a “Treasure”? Gold? Diamonds? Pearls?

LBP: Treasures are My Health, My Self-Confidence & Belief in Me, My Family, My Friends and My Job! I have the Pearls enveloped with Gold as earrings, rings and my necklace with its Pearl pendant… And I Cherish them for they are Precious Presents. I do not need any more! But there is one Treasure I still have not managed to acquire as much as I would like to…

SPRING: And what would that be?

LBP: To Travel! To Discover new Cultures! New Tastes! New Aromas! To write about the 5 Senses that each place is Unique for! To Capture their Beauty and Colours! To Learn from their History and above all to Feel the Passion in their Traditions!

SPRING: Well my Dear… the Elements that you describe… are the Colours of Each Rainbow we are going to Grab!

LBP: There is one more Treasure… “Love” – It has to be the Energy of your Breeze that will Sail us! If its Presence is absent, the Journey will be pointless! Colourless! Senseless!

SPRING: Love… is like any other luxury. You have no right to it unless your Heart can afford it Genuinely… Can it?

LBP: Yes Captain OH My Captain!

A very warm Thank You to my Friend Anna for all her support during the Yacht Show and to my Friend Artemis for taking pictures & following me throughout all of the Events. I would also like to Express my Gratitude to the Owners of Atalanta (, Istion (, Athens Yachts (, IYC ( & their fantastic Team for inviting me to all of their Fabulous events & into their Yachts!

Nafplio Sites & Information

Pearl ear rings & necklace – Metallon Shop in Nafplio (48 Staikopoulou Str.)

Bag – Ti Kallisti Shop in Nafplio (4 Vassileos Konstantinou Str.) –

Chrysallis Proderma – – The Importing Company & Representative of Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP), jane iredale & Environ in Greece


My Personal Range: Skin Essentia A+

– Dual Action Pre –Cleansing Oil (to clean face from makeup & moisturise it)
– Mild Cleansing lotion (creamy cleanser that hydrates the skin & removes all residues left)
– Magic Mitt Glove (to remove the lotion & remains of makeup)
– Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner
– Antioxidant & Peptide Eye Gel (around & on to the eyes)
– Vita – Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser Level 4 (day & evening facial cream)
– Enhanced Oil in Vitamins A – C – E (only for evening use instead of the facial cream)
– RAD – SPF 15 Sunscreen


Compact which also has sun protection – PurePress Base Mineral Foundation – Caramel / Blush – So Bronze 2 / Mascara – longest lash thickening & lengthening / Eye Shadow – Mermaid, Oyster, Shady Lady, Peach Sherbet,and Triple eye shadows Brown Sugar & Soft Kiss

ADVANCED NUTRITION PROGRAMME (ANP) vitamin supplements: Skin Vit A+ / Skin Antioxidant / Skin Omegas+ or

If you decide to use Environ, ANP & jane iredale products – it is vital to be introduced to a professional representative who has been educated continuously all year around through specialize seminars to check your skin and advise you on what specific products to use. The representative in Nafplio where I currently live is: Artemis Elftheriadou.

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