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December 30, 2017
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I absolutely adore Christmas! It brings back the most beautiful memories of my childhood!

The agony of getting up like an espresso shot from my bed on that day and having all those presents under the Christmas tree!

An excitement which is indescribable! Waking up! Rushing into the living room! Gazing with my eyes wide open with Bliss at all those surprises I am about to open (God Bless my Parents for all their effort)!

Feeling the blood in my veins swirling in all directions, my heart pumping and my smile exceeding the limits of my small face!

I remember the touch of the wrapping paper that each present was enveloped it… its glittery smooth and slippery texture under my small fingers… I recall the shimmering colours of that emballage and the sound of it when I was tearing it apart or delicately opening it. I recall the scent of those Homemade cookies, the Melomakorona (see my last year’s post:, next to my hot chocolate which virtually seemed to enjoy my excitement and complimented it with their taste, adding even more sweetness to my Heart!

But what marked this precious moment, which I never thought would change, was the fact I had both of my parents together and I could not choose whose embrace I should run into first… Beautiful Memories that I sometimes recall with my mother, other times with my father, and we smile with gratitude…

Isn’t it incredible….? How innocent we used to be at that age and how Magical to believe in that Chubby White Bearded Man dressed in Red with his round belly and his HO HO HO!

What if …I ask you:

“Who is Santa Claus?”

I would personally reply: He is the Symbol of Love & Happiness that my parents have always given me! But he is also the self – reflection to evaluate my achievements during the year: what were the lessons to be learned and how did each one of them help me mature in order to move a step higher. He is the reward of the year’s cycle that is ending and the ambition to make the new one coming even better.

Santa – Claus is the figure representing the Faith we have in ourselves which we especially had as a child when nothing seemed to scare us, yet he is also the Grandfather who watches over us by reminding us to be Genuine with ourselves through his unconditional Love throughout his Years of Life Long Experience…

Because at the end of the day…

Love is what makes Life worth living! It is the love from our family, children, companion and friends that gives us strength to fight on and go after our Dreams with self-assurance!

You see… for us that have grown up adoring this festive season, we still have kept that magical sparkle in our Hearts!

If you just believe a little bit… if you could just close your eyes for a moment and become that child who had a pure, self-confident, unbiased, truthful heart… Miracles Happen! As long you wish for them with an Eagerness and Confidence straight from your Soul.  People do not believe in Miracles and do you know why? Because for them to happen… they need to be rooted in your fundamental beliefs, they need to be scrutinized with Patience & Wisdom, but above all, and this is the most difficult part where we might give up, they need to be fought for with a Firm and Powerful Passion!


For your own information: Miracles get very angry when you stop believing in them! And they do not Grant any favours!

Around me… 2017 farewells goodbye with many lessons I learned, with tornadoes I managed to survive sometimes fearlessly, sometimes with desperate tears which with reflection along my timeline, helped me mature and get stronger.

Around me… 2017 embraced me with Love as I came closer to friends that I never thought would support me and believe in me with so much respect and esteem. It proved to me how much I adore my current friends and my parents as their presence was always there to lift me up!

2017 disciplined me to have a better judgement to discern and rigidly confront situations that once upon a time used to consume me, tire me, absorb all of my energy, extract from me every inch of positivism and leave me psychologically a wreck! It is the hardest battle of all: to Stand for Yourself with Dignity – Fair Judgement – Intellect – Loyalty – Kindness – Faith – Not letting Fear devouring your Instinct & the Brightness of your Spirit.

2018…. is slowly peeping its head from the window with a teasing and positive smile! The more I look at its childish angelic face (bear in mind that a year grows old and dies within more or less 365 days), the more I feel its Sunshine warming every inch of ME with Self – Confidence as it whispers in my ear: “Are you Ready? To Keep your Passion for Life! To resonate everyday with your favorite words: Vivre… J’adore?”

So here I am looking at you with the same teasing smile and allow me to ask each one of you:


To believe in yourself and FLY like an Eagle with Majesty?  To go back to your childhood and revive that fire that used to burn purely from your Heart? To leave a cookie or two for Santa Claus and thank him for the Miracle you asked for?

PS: In Greece Santa Claus whom we call “Aghios Vassilis” (St Vassilis) comes on the first of January! Therefore, you still have your chance to make your last wish!

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