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November 27, 2016
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Belgium: the country I lived in for 9 years when I was younger. I was in Brussels back then where I finished school and I acquired with great pride the European Baccalaureate. My favorite city however is Antwerp. It has an ambiance that enchants me when I walk along its roads. Antwerp travels me to another century where I can almost perceive impressive carriages passing by and Chevalier bowing at the elegant women wandering gracefully and wearing those long dresses made out of soft material with refined broderie around their décolleté. Mm mm… And if for just a while I close my eyes? I can nearly hear the horses trotting on those stone pavements – I love that sound….

Antwerp, which is also a very important port in Europe, has a magnificent architecture with imposing buildings that catch my breath when I take the time to notice at the unique details sculpted on the edifices. Each one distinctive but gracefully they blend to one another, giving to the city an impressive infrastructure and imposing nobility.

Needless to say that this town has a very rich and wealthy shopping market with exquisite decorations inside each shop like this one which sells all kind of branded shoes.

Some however, date from the previous Century… Here, a very renowned one that has been selling high quality Aristocratic Gloves

But Antwerp also has excellent restaurants, savoury chocolateries and delicious bakeries that dangerously seduce all of your defenses and reasons not to have any! How to resist such delicious temptations…

But there is something else that links me to this country… Belgium is a place I love returning to because it also travels me into my childhood as I meet again all of my best friends and recall our days as teenagers. The truth is, one of the best things in life, is catching up with classmates you have known since the age of 10 years old and have kept a close relationship with over the years. It is precious! It is rejuvenating to see them every time, hear all their news and laugh by recalling all of our silliness from high school! Amazing how with the years we evolved, how life treated us separately, how each one of us had chosen a path and changed along the way, how we matured with our mistakes but also our achievements… But at the end of the day, after so many years gone by, it is how this bond between us remained strong and we still staid attached with a feeling called: Love. Love that roots with deep respect since college and which continues with the support we have given towards one another to create our dreams and conquer our goals no matter what they were along the course of our Lives. Because, we first believed in the faith that grew firmly and steadily from our friendship. It is about how proud we have been towards each other no matter how many times we fell but helped ourselves to rise regardless of the distance between us!

This time, I saw my two very cherished and beloved friends, Vanessa & Raphaelle, with whom we had met 2 years ago when I had last visited the country to see my family. A very beautiful gathering with Champagne & Cheese to accompany our endless news, gossip (of course! You cannot be called a girl or a woman without gossip) and laughter.

Nevertheless, I also saw other friends which I had missed and that also own a very beautiful part of my heart at a great event that Audi was having and was presenting 2 of their new car models!

However, the most important reason I always come back is because my father still lives in Belgium and has created his own new life. To me, HE is my HERO! “Mon père, ce héros” (for those that have seen the movie with Gerard Depardieu in 1991).

Not only for his endless Love and Devotion, but also for his belief in me by always reminding me of all the things I am capable of! Always there challenging me with ambition whenever I felt failing my objectives but also holding me whenever I did actually fall.

His wisdom has always been my lessons that he let me learn through my mistakes, my righteous and wrong choices, my stubbornness and our endless discussions with trust to keep some of them our little secrets! Well… Girls always have secrets! No? Some you share with your Father, some with your Mother individually, others exclusively with your closest friends!

Personally, my Family & the Friends I have very carefully chose to ride along my side are the Sun-rays that make me shine bright like a Star and who give me the Passion to feel Unique! I am deeply grateful to have them all these years next to me reminding me how precious I can be to them, as they are to me.

As for my Father… He is the sanctuary I always feel safe going to for recharging my batteries with self – confidence, who triggers me to set my goals higher by aiming with precision and who brings me back in balance with his faith in me.

Lydia Bassadios Passadaiou
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